September 16, 2013

Gamla Bíó


A film theatre turned opera house, Gamla Bíó is the go-to place for the Icelandic Opera troupe. During the Reykjavík Airwaves, it also turns into a lively venue for the gigs worthy of sitting down to.

19:10 1860
20:00 Biggi Hilmars
20:50 Árstíðir
21:40 Tempel (SE)
22:40 Samaris
23:40 Anna Von Hausswolff (SE)

19:10 Tilbury
20:00 Marius Ziska
20:50 Eivör Pálsdóttir (FO)
21:40 Ólöf Arnalds
22:40 Mariam The Believer (SE)
23:50 Villagers (IE)
00:50 Sin Fang

20:00 Úlfur Eldjárn
21:00 Sóley
22:00 Daníel Bjarnarson
23:00 Amiina
00:00 El Rojo Adios (SE)
01:00 Zola Jesus (US)

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