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Pascal Pinon at Harpa Kaldalón by Katrín Ólafs

Kreatiivmootor Smash Music Into Joyful Sonic Non-Sequitors

Harpa’s Kaldalón is a seated theatre, below ground level, that plays host tonight to a mixed bag of young Icelandic bands and esteemed visitors, including a solo set by Björk’s percussionist Manu Delago, and headl...
by John Rogers

Fist Fokkers at Amsterdam by Ægir Freyr Birgisson

Great Show, Crappy Backline

Amsterdam is a pretty nice Airwaves venue. You get club atmosphere; it's not too big, but you don't get crushed by people as there is a corner in the front, where you still can elbow your way through when it gets packed.
by Florian Zühlke


Sinfónían, Harpa

I Am Thankful For My Ears

I have decided that witnessing an orchestra perform in unison and energy and harmony is one of life’s more affirming experiences.
by Haukur S. Magnússon

YACHT at NASA by Siggi/

I Always Wanted You To Go Into Space, Man

What time is it? Did I miss the first bands playing tonight? Because Iiris are owning the stage like a headlining act. I am unsure if it is a she or a they but based on their on-stage dynamic I’d have to say they are incredib...
by Rebecca Louder


Natasha Fox at Faktorý


I walk into Factory. Aðalsteinn is there. We have a mildly humorous misunderstanding regarding beer. It’s alright. I sit down and sit there for a while. Natasha Fox stays pretty true to playing pure dubstep. After some time,...
by Sindri Eldon