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Sizarr at Tjarnarbíó by Júlía Hvanndal

The Good, the Bad and the Shemales

If during the whirlwind of weird that was the band’s thirty-some minutes on stage I had had a moment to do anything besides stare incredulously, I would have undoubtedly heard the song Mama Told Me (Not to Come) playing somew...
by Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir

Blue Lagoon party by Rúnar Sigurður Sigurjónsson

Blue Lagoon Thrill

The ‘Blue Lagoon chill’ has been an Airwaves institution for years. The party takes place every Airwaves Saturday and entails lounging at the legendary spa while taking in sets by some of Iceland’s finest DJs....
by Florian Zühlke



Björkstep and Sufjancore

Last night’s party was held at the former headquarters for the conservative party and my current least favorite venue. A favorite hang-out of children sired by money-drunk Icelanders during the financial boom years. Spoiled, ...
by Ragnar Egilsson

Hermigvervill at Faktorý by Júlía Hvanndal

Turn the Party Out

Rabbi Bananas Now, I have to admit that I didn‘t have a clue what “Skweee” was until I wrote this, even though I reviewed Rabbi last year as well. It sounds dumb as fuck by the sheer phonetic texture of it; I can...
by Þórður Ingi Jónsson


Pascal Pinon by Hvalreki

Night Of Many Flavours

Glaumbar is definitely one of the Airwaves more cosy venues. It is an upstairs bar with the atmosphere of a ships hull, dressed up with a disco ball and other finery to attract a bit of a skinka crowd during non Airwaves times....
by Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir

Guðríð Hansdóttir at Harpa by pallih

Autumn Evening Coming Down

The whole night was mostly very enjoyable. After three long nights of Airwaves it was nice to relax in a seat in Kaldalón and listen to thoughtful, well constructed songs from a variety of artists. I just wish that some of the...
by Kári Tulinius


Endless Dark at Gaukurinn by Skari

From Gloom To Gloam

Hell hath no fury like a reviewer in a vacant Glaumbar. Scant attendees appeared to be a cross-section of band members, friends of band or staff, and a handful of UK rockers who took one look at the near-empty room and promptly...
by a.rawlings

Ólafur Arnalds at Harpa by Skari

The Night of the Meh.

The drummer from Lockerbie is wearing a Ramones t-shirt. Explain to me how that makes sense. Lockerbie play the most boring, predictable, hackneyed post-rock imaginable, and yet, there’s the drummer. Wearing a fucking Ramones...
by Sindri Eldon


Valdimar at the Reykjavík Art Museum by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Trance With Me

It probably goes without saying that most everyone who came to Hafnarhúsið tonight was either coming to see Gus Gus, or intended to do so but petered out of energy after the first couple acts. This is easily forgivable, consi...
by paul