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Reykjavík Grapevine’s Podcast: Airwaves Sunday Edition

Wohoo! It is Sunday! We made it! Almost. Your audio-loving friends, the omniscient Grapevine Airwaves Podcast Team, has been rolling from venue to venue throughout Saturday. We bring you the best bits from the gigantic line-up ...
by Kaisu

Haukur Press Shot 800

Iceland Airwaves Insider: Haukur S. Magnusson

If you’re a regular reader or at all familiar with the Reykjavík scene, you probably know of Haukur S. Magnusson. Reykjavík Grapevine’s editor-in-chief  is something of a face about town during Iceland Airwaves, ...
by John Rogers


Reykjavík! by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Hypnosis And High Times: Deutsche Bar Pt. II

At Deutsche bar on Friday, the late gigs offered the kind stylistic pileup I've come to expect from an Airwaves lineup.
by christian.hoard

Tilbury by Puffas

Getting Through Those Winter Blues: Deutsche Bar Pt. I

After a day of almighty winds trying to sweep every person, vehicle and road sign off into the sea, a night of good, solid, rousing music is what we need to warm us through again, and Þýski Barinn/Deutsche Bar is set to prov...
by francine


Luna 2

WINDY DAY TIDBIT! Musicians & Their Pets!

Stay inside, get some milkbones and catnip and cuddle up with a furry-friend! Compiled by Rebecca Louder & Bob Cluness While being a touring musician and a pet owner can’t be easy, there’s one thing that’s...
by Rebecca Louder

Phantogram by Siggi

Chilly Winds Don’t Blow

“Holy fucking Christ,” I said without hearing myself say it, the words sucked right out of my mouth. It was not just the wind—violent, subarctic, merciless—that assailed me from all directions and angles, rendering it e...
by Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir


Doldrums by Iona Sjöfn

Doldrums Steal The Show: Iðnó, Night Two

They sing about crack cocaine, coke, being broke and drinking whiskey without an air of satire or wit, any insightful experiences that may inform these songs lost in irritatingly trite lyrics.
by Lauren Down


Reykjavik! The Band In Blatant Free Music Download Posting Shock Horror!!!

In a development that was has shook the very firmament of the Iceland music scene to its knees, today saw a mysterious image appear on the Facebook page of the legendary hip beat combo known as REYKJAVIK! On this image was a ...
by Bob Cluness



Postcards From the Edge – Goddamn Reykjavík!

Postcards From the Edge is our cheeky little Airwaves feature where bands who are currently on tour outside of Iceland, send us short tales of where they are and of the great shows they’re playing at. they also like to in...
by Bob Cluness


The Hardcore Kid’s Guide To Reykjavík Sightseeing

By Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson Birkir Fjalar Viðarsson often plays in bands, most notably Bisund, Stjörnukisi, I Adapt, Gavin Portland, Celestine and Hellvar. These days, though, he does less of that and spends more of his wakin...
by arit


Reykjavík! at NASA by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Why Sunday is the Best Night of Airwaves

Despite the fact that, come the fifth and last day of Airwaves each year, I make my way—kicking and screaming—to my last assignment, by the time it comes to writing the final review, I always feel a bit sentimental for Sunday.
by Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir


Valdimar, The Creator!

Reykjavik!’s erstwhile guitarist Valdimar Jóhansson breaks out into production of all kinds… Now you may have noticed that Iceland’s favourite pleasure rockers, Reykjavik!, have just released ‘Hellbound Heart,’ t...
by Páll Hilmarsson