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Boogie Trouble by Aníta Eldjárn

Once More, With Feeling // Intoxicate Me Now

Every Airwaves Sunday I remember this again. That Airwaves works because Reykjavík is in essence a glorified festival ground; it is a play pen, a crib—it is safe, secluded, and full of young people who think they can do just...
by paul


The Bear, The Wolf, And The Unveiling of Sigur Rós

Once in autumn-nighttime, a bear and a wolf strode through a forest. As they walked, bear heard music so beautiful that she said: “Sister wolf, what bird is it that sings so well?” “It’s not a bird at all; that is Sigur...
by a.rawlings


Legend by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Post-Apocalyptic Disco

There are some nights when you look at the line-up at a venue and know pretty much what to expect. I thought that was the case Saturday night at Faktorý, but I was proven wrong. And I’m glad I was. With acts that ranged ...
by paul

Bypass by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

My House. Faktorý Downstairs.

Saturday night around 10pm, I walk into Faktorý, Sunday jazz bar, weekend electronica venue and it’s empty. Like, actually empty. Well, okay the musicians and the bartender are there. I can understand this, with a pletho...
by Álfrún Gísladóttir


Ásgeir Trausti by Siggi

Oh, Boy (bands)! : Harpa Norðurljós Pt. II

It seems like everyone here for Ásgeir Trausti’s set is actually here to listen. I’m guessing as much because, for the first time at this year’s festival, I’m hearing a lot of shushing. “You’ve never seen him play ...
by Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir

The Barr Brothers by Siggi

A Touch Of Canadian Promise: Harpa Norðurljós Pt. I

As the final night of the festival (unless you’re one of the lucky ones to be heading to see Sigur Rós) gets underway, we head to Harpa Norðurljós to hear some of Iceland’s finest music, and a touch of Canadian p...
by francine


Rangleklods by Thorgeir Olafsson

I Only Do Girls I Just Barely Like: Harpa Silfurberg Pt. II

Someone find Retro Stefson a cruise ship to rock! The set by Icelandic collective – whose members included two backup dancers, a woman wearing (and playing) a keyboard, a guest percussionist, and a hype man who ended up shirt...
by christian.hoard

Benni Hemm Hemm by Thorgeir Olafsson

Does Size Really Matter? Harpa Silfurberg Pt. I

The old proverb goes that it’s not the size that matters, but how you use it. It works for music as it does for sex. You can do just as much with a kazoo as you can with a symphony if you know what you’re doing. That’s no...
by Joel Hoard


Ghostdigital by Thorgeir Olafsson

Cult Leaders and Circus Sideshows

Stereo Hypnosis kicked off the night at Þýski Barinn for a thin crowd, and they never got worse but they never got better either. They essentially played the same song for their entire set; it was a slow and steady noise, an...
by Kirsten O'Brien

Friends by Alísa Kalyanova

Dirty Projectors Whip Up A Masterpiece

Prinspóló have been going a long while now, and in that time they have perfected an Icelandic version of the lo-fi college-rock sound, a bit like the sweet-hearted early days of Yo La Tengo. They’re innately loveable, b...
by John Rogers


Crowd at Faktorý by Skari

Das Flugzeug Fliegt

Lucky me and lucky us the lucky people crowding the upper floor of Faktorý on Friday because I can't imagine that any other night had this one beat.
by Ragnar Egilsson

Lay Low by Ingibjörg Torfadóttir

The Calm After The Storm

Patrick, I had forgotten that I loved you.
by Amy Liptrot


Reykjavík! by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Hypnosis And High Times: Deutsche Bar Pt. II

At Deutsche bar on Friday, the late gigs offered the kind stylistic pileup I've come to expect from an Airwaves lineup.
by christian.hoard

Of Monsters and Men by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

“Good Work, Gang!”

This evening Lára Rúnars gives the sense of a pop star ‘dressed down’ with a loose fitting dress and brandishing a bottle of beer. It feels good to have a native star on this large stage in a beautiful venue and s...
by Amy Liptrot


Crowd at Amsterdam by Hlynur Hafstein


Hello, Airwaves. Having arrived at the festival a day late thanks to a certain big storm on America’s East Coast, I was treated to an evening of mostly homegrown talent at Amsterdam. Like a lot of Icelandic bands I’ve seen,...
by christian.hoard


Beats, Rhymes And Life: Faktorý Downstairs

I don’t do drugs (often), but if I did I would do them while listening to artists like Thizone. Oops, I’ve fallen down a K-hole and I can’t get up! Then again, it’s sort of nice down here… Thizone serves up tracks...
by Kirsten O'Brien