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Sinfónían, Harpa

I Am Thankful For My Ears

I have decided that witnessing an orchestra perform in unison and energy and harmony is one of life’s more affirming experiences.
by Haukur S. Magnússon

YACHT at NASA by Siggi/

I Always Wanted You To Go Into Space, Man

What time is it? Did I miss the first bands playing tonight? Because Iiris are owning the stage like a headlining act. I am unsure if it is a she or a they but based on their on-stage dynamic I’d have to say they are incredib...
by Rebecca Louder


Natasha Fox at Faktorý


I walk into Factory. Aðalsteinn is there. We have a mildly humorous misunderstanding regarding beer. It’s alright. I sit down and sit there for a while. Natasha Fox stays pretty true to playing pure dubstep. After some time,...
by Sindri Eldon

Epic Rain


Dr. Badmind here to ruin the party for everyone! What I love about Iceland is the versatility of the music scene, sure there have been a few Sigur Rós imitators in the past decade but nowhere near as many as you would have exp...
by Ragnar Egilsson


Trouble at Faktorý, Wednesday. Photo by Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson

Crazy Beats Down At Animal Farm…

It’s Reykjavík! It’s Wednesday Night! It’s Iceland Airwaves! And that means it’s time to party on down to Faktorý where we’re going to be blowing those hinges off baby! Djamm í kvöld! Well ok, the night didn´t re...
by Bob Cluness

Markús and the Diversion Sessions

A Night To Remember

Fönksveinar – 20:00 Young, energetic, and looking good, these talented gents had the task of opening up Airwaves at Harpa Kaldalón, and did so confidently. With a congealed, classic sound, Fönksveinar launched in front...
by Christopher Czechowicz


Mammút at Nasa, Wednesday. Photo by Rúnar Sigurjónsson

“Twee As Fuck!”

When Mammút hit their stride they feel like a force of nature, washing over their audience like crashing waves of sound. Katrína Mogensen's voice floats on the music like an arctic tern in a storm.
by Kári Tulinius

Photo by Siggi at

From Sitting On The Floor To Raising The Roof

It’s hard to imagine a more incongruous set of opening acts for the headliners at this gig, unless you count the time Tom Jones opened for GG Allin at the 930 Club in Washington, DC in 1988. But I still feel as though I&#...
by paul



The Good, The Bad and The Misplaced

Whatever quarrels surrounding the Harpa concert hall and its construction, you have  to admit that it is a huge, polished piece of architecture that is made to be home of music. This is why it became Airwaves’ new ̵...
by Florian Zühlke

Pornopop @ Amsterdam Airwaves 2011

A Voyage to the Worlds of the Amsterdam System

In a centrally located and often-travelled region of the Reykjavík galaxy lies a surprisingly seldom-visited solar system known as the Amsterdam system. How and why it received such a name is a mystery lost to time, but connot...
by Sindri Eldon


Björk, Harpa, Wednesday

Wildly Imaginative, Creatively Liberated…

Seven albums in, it's easy to forget how special Björk's voice is, but seeing her sing up close is perfect reminder. Her face twists and grimaces, giggles and grins as she goes through the rapture of belting out each note, fro...
by John Rogers