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The Reykjavík Art Museum by Páll Hilmarsson

A Note On Replication And Adaptation

Apparently there has been some controversy — and some misunderstanding — regarding my recent comment about certain Icelandic bands and the music of the African diaspora. I do choose my words carefully, but some people didn&...
by michaelazerrad

Jagwar Ma

Genre Explosion At The Art Museum

Dub reggae outfit Ojba Rasta are one of the evening's more interesting - and fun - surprises. While they're ostensibly pushing a sound that will always struggle for relevance in the bigger picture of contemporary music, that's ...
by Paul Bridgewater


Mammút by Simon Chetrit

Azerrad’s Report: Wednesday

Noted music writer slash Grapevine's guest of honour Michael Azerrad goes wild at Iceland Airwaves 2013, wandering between venues, listening hard and taking notes. For his Wednesday report, he digs on Mammút and Emiliana, and ...
by michaelazerrad


Vök Storm The Scene At Harpa

First impressions: the venue is really slick. Extremely open, good viewing angles, clean, consistent, clear sound. If we had to lose NASA to get this, well, it still sucks but we got a damn nice venue out of it. This was my fir...
by simonzacharychetrit


Ghostdigital by Thorgeir Olafsson

Cult Leaders and Circus Sideshows

Stereo Hypnosis kicked off the night at Þýski Barinn for a thin crowd, and they never got worse but they never got better either. They essentially played the same song for their entire set; it was a slow and steady noise, an...
by Kirsten O'Brien

Screen Shot 2012-10-23 at 11.38.09 PM

TONIGHT! Bands Sing Songs By Other Bands At KARAOKE101

Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! As previously reported, the bar Bakkus is celebrating its swan-song week with its final instalment of the B-Waves festival. Amidst all the madness they’ll be hosting in the...
by Rebecca Louder


Sykur by Skari

Sykur Stole The Show

The day is Wednesday, the place is Harpa Silfurberg, and the time is 20:00. Day one, let's dig in!
by Chris D'Alessandro

The Little House Of Music

Inspired By Hobbits

A little house in Reykjavík is offering visitors a chance at catching Airwaves’ best in an intimate environment. By Thomas L. Moir So you’re sitting at the pub, sinking beers, with the boys, eyeing the potential. Talk turn...
by thomas


Epic Rain


Dr. Badmind here to ruin the party for everyone! What I love about Iceland is the versatility of the music scene, sure there have been a few Sigur Rós imitators in the past decade but nowhere near as many as you would have exp...
by Ragnar Egilsson


Reggae in Reykjavík? Looks like less is, more or less, more.

Answering popular demand within Reykjavík's budding reggae scene, Ojba Rasta are a ten piece that's dead-set on facilitating the spread of their niche, convincing Sinéad O'Connor to return to her reggae roots, and promising f...
by Bowen Staines