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Too Much Polish, Not Enough Passion – Iðnó pt. 2

No, you don’t need hand gestures to accompany each vocal flourish, and no, you don’t need to tell the crowd to move closer to the stage (pet peeve of mine, that one). And you might want to consider spitting your gum out bef...
by Jonah Flicker

we are wolves

Very Solid! – Iðnó pt. 1

It was an early start at Iðnó on Saturday. The band Vigri went on stage just after seven o’clock and played extremely melodic and well crafted electronic music. The vocal arrangements were nothing short of dazzling and ...
by Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir



Colour Me Impressed – Iðnó Part Two

Belgian outfit Girls In Hawaii ran a very tight ship in the packed Iðnó, regularly engaging with the crowd and getting them to swoon from side to side. During their performance, the indie-rock band showed that they had a mul...
by Gabríel Benjamin

Low Roar at Iðnó by Jim Bennett

The Inexhaustible Indie Venue – Iðnó pt.1

The former half of Iðnó’s Friday line-up was interesting. The night started promptly at eight with a set from Jóhann Kristinsson. His music is in many ways conventional indie rock with creative songwriting performed v...
by Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir


No Joy by Rúnar Sigurður Sigurjónsson

The Choppy Line-Up

Although I deeply respect and understand the urge to push boundaries, there is always an audience to consider. Doing something is not the same as pulling it off.
by Helga Þórey Jónsdóttir

DIIV by Birta Rán

Fucking The Pain Away, Surf Punk And Nice Guys

On Saturday night, the salt was no longer thick in the air. Thank God. We had stopped fearing for our lives and the wind had calmed to a mere breeze. We could freely walk the streets without fear of decapitation by a loose piec...
by thomas


Paul Corley by Puffas

Oh, The Wind And The Rain!

Yesterday, Reykjavík experienced an unusual and memorable weather day. Knowing I’d review Bedroom Community’s Iðnó performance in the evening, I set out to video the windstorm mid-afternoon. Weather documentary a...
by a.rawlings

Of Monsters and Men by Birta Rán

Iceland Airwaves: Thursday – A Clash Magazine perspective

Words by Matthew Bennett & Joe Zadeh. Photo by Birta Rán. As Anglo-metropolitan muppets, our start in Iceland couldn’t have been much more of a birth of fire. Or more aptly; wind. Fierce wind that could slice your face l...
by Rebecca Louder


Doldrums by Iona Sjöfn

Doldrums Steal The Show: Iðnó, Night Two

They sing about crack cocaine, coke, being broke and drinking whiskey without an air of satire or wit, any insightful experiences that may inform these songs lost in irritatingly trite lyrics.
by Lauren Down


Dreamland Regained – The Valgeir Sigurðsson Interview

The latest album from Bedroom Community founder VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON sees the composer beginning to stretch his music and ambitions, while marking the latest in a furtive year of creativity for the label as a whole. By Bob Clune...
by Bob Cluness


Miri at Iðnó by Ægir Freyr Birgisson

Good Work, Everyone!

Arriving early to something in Iceland is almost taboo. If it’s a dinner party, the host may find you rude, and if it’s a concert or other party, you may very well find that nobody else is there. That’s just the way that ...
by Anna Andersen

Secret Chiefs 3 at Iðnó by Katrín Ólafs

Sufi Madness Destroys White Bread Rock Shock Horror!

Arriving at Iðnó and taking in my surroundings, the first thought that entered into my head is that it looked a lot smaller than it did in the pictures, without all those tables and chairs. My second thought was that it was a...
by Bob Cluness