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Guðríð Hansdóttir by Simon Steel

Kaldalón Attacked By Canadian Gay Pirates!!!

The first half of Harpa Kaldalón’s Saturday line-up felt incredibly random, as if the organizers pulled names out of a bag. I spent most of the night alternating between being deeply moved, annoyed, and confused. GUÐRI...
by Bob Cluness

Guðríð Hansdóttir at Harpa by pallih

Autumn Evening Coming Down

The whole night was mostly very enjoyable. After three long nights of Airwaves it was nice to relax in a seat in Kaldalón and listen to thoughtful, well constructed songs from a variety of artists. I just wish that some of the...
by Kári Tulinius


GusGus at Kex by Hörður Sveinsson

When Shows Go Off The Air

Gus Gus at KEX Hostel Gus Gus played an economical and fist-pumping set of monster hits to a full house of eager listeners at KEX Wednesday. Their music is hugely addictive and no matter how long they play you are always desper...
by Rebecca Louder