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Human Woman at Faktorý by Júlía Hvanndal

Put On My Raving Shoes And I Boarded The Plane

I began my partying days in the death-rattle of the classic rave scene, when gigantic warehouses were taken over by masses of DJs and electronic masters for anonymous, clandestine, 24-hour notice addresses, first-10-tickets-are...
by Rebecca Louder

Lára Rúnars at Glaumbar by Alexander Matukhno

Glaumbar Is A Two-Faced Bastard

Glaumbar can be a very good concert venue, but it also can totally suck. On this Airwaves Friday I could see both sides of the coin. The small dancefloor in front of the stage and the huge bar in the middle of the room on the o...
by Florian Zühlke


Sindri Eldon at Amsterdam by Hvalreki

We Can Be Heroes

Tonight, I was once again surprised in ways I didn’t think possible. That stunning, dancing, ceaseless grip of what small-venue Airwaves can be came back to visit us tonight, and we welcomed it like the return of a lover ...
by paul

Sinead O'Connor at Fríkirkjan by Hvalreki

“I’ve Been Saved by Jesus, So Fuck You!”

O'Connor is a stellar performer. Do not forget that her rise to global fame was based on bettering Prince's version of his song "Nothing Compares 2 U." Outshining Prince is not something many people can do.
by Kári Tulinius


Zun Zun Egui at Harpa by Hvalreki

A Whole Lot of Rocking

I arrive drenched and disheveled at Harpa, ready to see what this years Airwaves ‘it’ venue (or just this years ‘it’ venue in general) has to offer. Insane weather forced me to put off leaving my apartment until the las...
by Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir

Úlfur at Iðnó by Hvalreki

Sound the siren

Once upon a time, the firm calm of sonowolf gaze. Úlfur may be the next beast to explode from birch undergrowth with a gnash of belief. Foregrounding fairy-tale twinkle and crusade, the expansive breath of Úlfur’s instrum...
by a.rawlings