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FKNHNDSM at Harlem by Þórir Bogason

Harlem Hypnosis – Harlem Pt. 2

It's getting really late. It's not late by Reykjavík standards, but it is considering how early everything started this evening. Half the room looks lobotomized, and I'm not sure they know where they are. But at least they kno...
by Þórir Bogason

Sísí Ey at the Reykjavík Art Museum by Siggi

Night At The Museum

I don't believe you can underestimate the importance of fun in a live show. It's probably a cliché but if performers look like they're having fun, there's no doubt it rubs off on those around. Of course it takes more than this...
by georgeobrien


Mammút by Ægir Freyr Birgisson

River Gods

Hold the phone. Iceland is over indie-rock? As the night went on at The Reykjavík Art Museum, I noticed that I could have been doing jumping jacks, the venue never filled, and the infamous queue was non-existent. The stormy we...
by Álfrún Gísladóttir

Crowd at Faktorý by Skari

Das Flugzeug Fliegt

Lucky me and lucky us the lucky people crowding the upper floor of Faktorý on Friday because I can't imagine that any other night had this one beat.
by Ragnar Egilsson


Lay Low by Ingibjörg Torfadóttir

The Calm After The Storm

Patrick, I had forgotten that I loved you.
by Amy Liptrot


Friday Night Taken By The Collar

It's safe to say that despite it’s ever-thriving music scene, Reykjavík doesn't exactly have a rapid thoroughfare of touring acts. In fact, if you want to hear live music in one minority genre or another, you’d be better o...
by Bergrún Anna Hallsteinsdóttir


Beneath by Hlynur Hafsteinsson

They Played With Murder In Their Eyes, And Darkness In Their Souls

If a band like SVARTIDAUÐI had been booked to play at Airwaves a few years ago, they would likely have played to only a few people, with curious onlookers holding their ears and running a mile when their nasty black metal soun...
by Bob Cluness

FM belfast by alisa-kalyanova-7856


Words by Rebecca Louder / Photos by Alísa Kalyanova / Photoshoot wardrobe courtesy of Kormákur & Skjöldur Last Airwaves, there was a gaping hole in the lineup of Icelandic bands that didn’t ruin the festival (not by f...
by Rebecca Louder



Reykjavik! The Band In Blatant Free Music Download Posting Shock Horror!!!

In a development that was has shook the very firmament of the Iceland music scene to its knees, today saw a mysterious image appear on the Facebook page of the legendary hip beat combo known as REYKJAVIK! On this image was a ...
by Bob Cluness


The Science Of The Wub: The HaZaR Interview

The raw energy of HaZaR’s music is dragging Reykjavik’s dance scene into the NOW.  By Bob Cluness Icelanders love their electronic music and have done for some time now. We know all this because they decided to mak...
by Bob Cluness


blouse in the mirror

Dreams Of Something Wild: The Blouse Interview

Sometimes Reyka vodka is good not just for drinking and for setting fire to random objects. It can sometimes be used to bring new and unknown artists to our collective consciousness. And as one of the winners of their “Breakt...
by Bob Cluness

For a Minor Reflection at the Reykjavík Art Museum by Alexander Matukhno

Midnight Gallery

One of the most difficult things to do as a writer is to speak critically, if not negatively, about genuinely good artists, particularly if they exude humility and genuine dedication to their craft. I spoke with every band at R...
by Christopher Czechowicz


Jenny Hval at Harpa Kaldalón by Hössi H

Kippi’s Big-Band Steal The Show At Kaldalón

And so, I return to Harpa’s Kaldalón, safely segregated from the party of Airwaves in the city’s newly finished metal-and-glass music and culture venue. This night is opened by Einar Stray (his surname pronounced s...
by John Rogers

Oculus at Faktorý by Júlía Hvanndal

Mannheim Thunder Stance

Night began with Muted’s second coming out at this Airwaves to a undeservedly half-empty room, although it had to be expected with a tech-house night at eight o’clock in the dank  side room of Faktorý. There was a fledgl...
by Ragnar Egilsson


Elín Ey at Tjarnarbíó by Natsha Nandabhiwat

Megas, stay home; the new kids are in town

And where were you? Huddled inside NASA waiting for the tUnE-yArDs show? Sucker. This was officially the best-show-you-missed.
by Valgerður Þóroddsdóttir

Clock Opera at NASA by Lukas Janicik

Booze, Blood, Bacteria, Beats, Beauties, Bongos, Angel Buttsecks!

[An earlier version of this review mistakenly claimed that the venue was selling bottles of water for 500 ISK. While initially confirmed, further research has revealed that this information was erroneous, due to a series of mis...
by Bob Cluness