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Júlía of Oyama, by

Surf Gaze Tutu Metal

Amsterdam, Sunday, the final night. Passable pub, can’t complain but for the 2k ISK double Jameson. Suggestion: use that money to fix your damn bathroom. Gang Related sported a front line of four with high-strapped electr...
by ryan

In The Company Of Men at Amsterdam by Siggi

“Oh, and FOKK YOU MATTI!!!!!” – Amsterdam Pt. 2

IN THE COMPANY OF MEN As I arrive at Amsterdam to do the second part of the METAL NIGHT FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL (and stuff), I meet my compadre Sveinn Birkir who was reviewing part one. “Oh it was OK,” he said. R...
by Bob Cluness


Kontinuum at Amsterdam by Siggi

Icelandic Metal Is Alive And Well – Amsterdam Pt. 1

Trust The Lies is a young, upcoming metalcore band. They are obviously well rehearsed for the occasion, with all melodic changes delivered without a hitch, and their timings are impeccable. They have a lot of raw power, and pul...
by sveinnbirkir

Þórir Georg by Páll Hilmarsson

SGs and Lap Steels at Amsterdam

I was proven very wrong very quickly. Caterpillarmen play party music that doesn't take it self too seriously, but do so with so much conviction that it's impossible not to pay attention. This is the band Johnny Triumph would h...
by Árni Árnason


Saytan by Ægir Freyr Birgisson

Instrumetal And Experimetal // And With A Growl, It Was Over…

So Iceland Airwaves 2012 comes to a close. The festival where everything that could go wrong went wrong. A festival that was lacking in breathtaking new discoveries and crazy live performances. But it was also a festival where ...
by Ragnar Egilsson

Sindri Eldon & the Ways by Alísa Kalyanova

Rocking Out At Amsterjam!

The storm that battered Reykjavik on Friday claimed its fair share of victims – the roof to a downtown building, one person’s bike this reviewer saw whipped over a sea wall – but it’s not about to claim ...
by Rebecca Louder



The Foreign Resort: Rocking the streets of Reykjavík

The Danes arrived to Reykjavík uncertain if anyone in Iceland had ever heard of them. They changed that with just one day of rocking out. By Steffan Lykke Møller They describe their music as The Cure meets Sonic Youth with a ...
by Rebecca Louder

Crowd at Amsterdam by Hlynur Hafstein


Hello, Airwaves. Having arrived at the festival a day late thanks to a certain big storm on America’s East Coast, I was treated to an evening of mostly homegrown talent at Amsterdam. Like a lot of Icelandic bands I’ve seen,...
by christian.hoard


Stafrænn Hákon at Amsterdam by Hlynur Hafsteinsson

A Night Of Confounded Expectations

Unlike many of the other venues - including Deutsche Bar across the road - there is no queue at Amsterdam for the first night of Airwaves, but that doesn't mean it's not the place to be. An extremely mixed, inclusive line-up is...
by Amy Liptrot

Æla at Amsterdam by Arnar Halldórsson

Night Of The Living Dead

I had the great fortune to have two headlining bands to look forward to tonight, and a few opening acts I’d never heard of and hoped might pleasantly surprise me. The night ended on a much higher note than I expected, and...
by paul


Muck by Hvalreki

Crack Sounds

It is pretty safe to say that Gunslinger is probably the most interesting thing to ever come out of Egilsstaðir. But they might also be the most interesting band in Icelandic hard-core. Their music consists of fantastically ar...
by Aðalsteinn Jörundsson

Pornopop @ Amsterdam Airwaves 2011

A Voyage to the Worlds of the Amsterdam System

In a centrally located and often-travelled region of the Reykjavík galaxy lies a surprisingly seldom-visited solar system known as the Amsterdam system. How and why it received such a name is a mystery lost to time, but connot...
by Sindri Eldon