Crowd at Harpa by Hörður Sveinsson The Reykjavík Art Museum by Páll Hilmarsson Harpalicious photo4 Júlía of Oyama, by nickydigital.com Samaris at Harpa / Iceland Airwaves

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A Walk On The Mild Side

Just off Laugavegur behind some tall red doors lies Gamla Bíó, a grand seated theatre with a high balcony circle and a spotlit stage. Despite being in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, it feels like a secret somehow; an atmosp...

The Big Sleep At Harpa Kaldalón

Kira Kira, an experimental noise band fronted by Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, opened up Harpa Kaldalón with a song I imagine is similar to the sound of a dinosaur being born. Kristín is that girl you went to art school...


Different Flavours Of Electronic

VÖK Vök is a young band, formed only earlier this year. Already within that short time they’ve managed to win the prestigious Icelandic battle of the bands, Músíktilraunir, after which they recorded and released an EP...


Too Much Polish, Not Enough Passion – Iðnó pt. 2

No, you don’t need hand gestures to accompany each vocal flourish, and no, you don’t need to tell the crowd to move closer to the stage (pet peeve of mine, that one). And you might want to consider spitting your gum out bef...
we are wolves

Very Solid! – Iðnó pt. 1

It was an early start at Iðnó on Saturday. The band Vigri went on stage just after seven o’clock and played extremely melodic and well crafted electronic music. The vocal arrangements were nothing short of dazzling and ...


Jon Hopkins Destroyed My Face

An unedited conversation about the bands I saw last night, which ended up being a ridiculous amount of fun. Not that surprising considering the night ended with John Hopkins bringing “all the party”, and FM Belfas...
In The Company Of Men at Amsterdam by Siggi

“Oh, and FOKK YOU MATTI!!!!!” – Amsterdam Pt. 2

IN THE COMPANY OF MEN As I arrive at Amsterdam to do the second part of the METAL NIGHT FROM THE BOWELS OF HELL (and stuff), I meet my compadre Sveinn Birkir who was reviewing part one. “Oh it was OK,” he said. R...