Grapevine Airwaves 2013

November 2, 2013

Objectivity On Holiday – Gamli Gaukurinn pt. 2


Music Overview

  • Artists: Kimono, The Vintage Caravan.
  • Venue:  Gamli Gaukurinn
  • Time:  Friday
  • The Good:  Kimono dedicated a song to me. I got all emotional.
  • The Bad:  Having to review Kimono.
  • Reviewed by: Árni Árnason

It’s quite a mammoth task to try and cover every single gig that happens at Airwaves, and slip-ups are going to be pretty much inevitable. And a slip-up is what is responsible for me writing this particular review on a band that I actually played bass for -albeit briefly. If you’re expecting an objective review I suggest you go somewhere else right now.

The band in question, Kimono, is arguably one of the more culturally important bands in the country and their 10 plus year career has influenced a fuck-load of Icelandic musicians. Their krautrock inspired glacier music coupled with borderline virtuoso musicianship is what has set them apart from us mere amateurs and tonight is no different. Recent developments in Canadian born singer Alison MacNeil’s life (she’s been undergoing gender reassignment over the last couple of years) add a new poignancy to her older lyrics about alienation, but tonight’s set mostly consists of new music and I’m sure I sensed some relief in not only the lyrics but the whole performance. The new material is very much in tune with what has come from them before and if tonight’s set is anything to go by they will keep inspiring musicians for years to come.

I fucking love Kimono.

Gamli Gaukurinn’s closing set came from The Vintage Caravan. In my mind, the Airstream is a vintage caravan. A luxurious vehicle to sleep in, but essentially just a pointlessly glorified tent. The same thing could be said about the band. The youthful and energetic Vintage Caravan are a ’70s blues-rock-metal band that execute their art with precision and talent, but it´s just a glorified costume party. Songs such as “Cocaine Sally” lend my argument some weight as I’m fairly certain these guys have never seen cocaine – let alone used it – and have definitely never met anyone called Sally.

They inspired lots of serious air-guitar moves from the heavily intoxicated crowd and it was all very fun but ultimately a bit unnecessary and out of place.

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Árni Árnason
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