Grapevine Airwaves 2012

October 23, 2012

IT’S HERE! IT’S FINALLY HERE! Grapevine’s Fancy Airwaves 2K12 Compilation Is Here!



Yup, as we promised in our last issue (which contained a pretty rad Airwaves-pullout, for all you Airwaves enthusiasts to enthuse over), we’ve compiled you a wonderful, fancy, insanely great compilation chock-full of some of the most awesome music you’ll hear at Iceland Airwaves 2012. And, remember, the festival itself starts in less than a week!

So you better get listening!

In case you forgot, here’s what we wrote about the compilation in our issue, and a bit of a tracklist:

Aww yes folks, it’s that time of the year! This wonderful month when Airwaves rolls around and we get to bring you not one, not two, not three, but SIXTY-FIVE terrific songs by some awesome Icelandic bands! And it makes us happy to give it out and share these great songs! If you’re flying over for the festival, we hope you’ll be listening to this on the plane! And if you’re already in town, blast it out of your boomboxes until October 31 rolls around.

Now here it is, you’re welcome, and ENJOY!!!


LEGEND – City / BERNDSEN – Do You Remember / NOLO – Passion / TILBURY – Tenderloin / BÁRUJÁRN – Þögn / SINDRI ELDON – America, An Ode / OYAMA – Shade / SAYTAN – Shot / REYKJAVÍK! – Mountains / MORÐINGJARNIR – Flóttinn mikli / JÓN ÞÓR – Tímavel / GANG RELATED – Dumb / JUST ANOTHER SNAKE CULT – Have You Seen This Girl Anywhere? / BIGGI HILMARS – War Hero / VALGEIR SIGURÐSSON – Big Reveal / BEN FROST – Hibakúsja / THE HEAVY EXPERIENCE – Americana / AGENT FRESCO – Tempo / DIKTA – In Spite of Me / ÁRSTÍÐIR – Á meðan jörðin sefur / ELÍZA NEWMAN – Out of Control / NICO MUHLY – Part II Material in Sevenths / MIKAEL LIND – Thoork / SAM AMIDON – How Come That Blood / GABRÍEL – Stjörnuhröp (feat. Opee & Valdimar Guðmundsson) / ÚLFUR ÚLFUR – Föstudagurinn langi / INTRO BEATS – Make It Hawt / QUADRUPLOS – Violator / FUTUREGRAPHER – Elísa (feat. Fu Kaisha) / GLUTEUS MAXIMUS – Everlasting (with Högni Egilsson) / BOOGIE TROUBLE – Gin og greip / OJBA RASTA – Sólstöður / FUNK THAT SHIT! – Látlaust / GOOD MOON DEER – Black / TROUBLE – Light Bearer Morning Star / KIRA KIRA – Leave A Light On / BEN FROST & DANÍEL BJARNASON – Cruel Miracles / LAY LOW – Helganga / MAGNÚS LEIFUR – Paperboy / VIGRI – Animals / MORNING AFTER YOUTH – Lived /ENDLESS DARK – Creature / DIMMA – Myrkraverk / NOISE – A Stab In The Dark / HINIR GUÐDÓMLEGU NEANDERDALSMENN – Tikk Takk / CROISZANTS – Asa Isha / STRIGASKÓR NR. 42 – Armadillo / CELESTINE – Black Witch / BENEATH – As Gods Walk The Earth / TWO TICKETS TO JAPAN – Two Tickets to Japan / MOMENTUM – Prosthetic Sea / MUCK – Here Comes The Man / VALDIMAR – Sýn / MONOTOWN – Can Deny / HELLVAR – Stop That Noise / MYRKÁ – Unborn / ÓLAFUR ARNALDS – Near Light / PUZZLE MUTESON – En Garde / YLJA – Á rauðum sandi / ÚTIDÚR – Until Mourning / ÞOKA – Kveðja / 1860 – Go Forth



Download .zip file (it’s HUUUUUUGE!)

PS – All these awesome bands (and even some of the non-awesome ones) donated their tracks for your listening and downloading pleasures. That’s really goddamn cool of them, and you should respect that. Don’t rip off their music, go to their shows and buy their merch if they had the sense to make some.

And do spread the word about this compilation. All of this most excellent music needs some ears.

PPS – As our wonderful reader Hans has pointed out in a comment, we are still a whiles away from this compilation working as perfectly as we would like it to. It turns out that the files for tracks by Croisztans, Endless Dark, Funk That Shit!, Kira Kira and Two Tickets To Japan are broken! Eff! Anyway, as per Hans’ suggestion, we are compiling them in a separate .zip file for y’all to download and listen to Here it is: THE MISSING FILES.ZIP. Thank you, Hans and sorry to you, readers! 



  1. Hans

    Thanks for the compilation, especially since there are a few for me unknown bands in it. One small issue, the tracks from Croisztans, Endless Dark, Funk That Shit!, Kira Kira and Two Tickets to Japan seem to be broken. Maybe you can reupload them in a separate zip, so I (and probably others) don’t have to download the full compilation again ?

  2. Mauricio Adachi

    Hi guys! Excellent job! It’s a good souvenir from the best festival in the world! The links for the 2010 and 2011 compilations are broken. Can you send it to me or reupload?

    Cheers from Brazil!

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