Grapevine Airwaves 2012

November 1, 2012

Reykjavik! The Band In Blatant Free Music Download Posting Shock Horror!!!


In a development that was has shook the very firmament of the Iceland music scene to its knees, today saw a mysterious image appear on the Facebook page of the legendary hip beat combo known as REYKJAVIK! On this image was a statement offering the general public a chance to download the songs that will comprise their set of their performance tomorrow at 01:20 at Þýski Barinn/Deutsche Bar.

In a carefully coded statement from band member  “The Edge,” the band sought to downplay the truly earth shattering ramifications of such a gesture. “Hey y’all! We’´re not, like, trying smash the music industry, or trying to curry favour with all you superawesome Airwaves dudes and dudettes by giving away a free download of all the songs that we will be playing in our scary and exhilarating live show. We just thought that everyone would like some totally rocking music in their lives. SLAYER!”

When asked about what this development would mean for Airwaves and the wider music world, chief music writer and lion tamer, Bob Cluness yabbered, “People, if you truly care about Icelandic music and want to hear some top quality shit that will make your Airwaves weekend go down a treat, then download this shit now! I have access to all your IP addresses, so i will spam the shit out of your laptops if you don’t!”

No Icelanders were hurt in this incident.

Go and download some free music from the band Reykjavik!, simply click HERE

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Bob Cluness
Bob Cluness
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