Sykur by Galina Alexander

Sykur: Being Insane Is A Good Thing!

The lead singer of Sykur, Agnes Björt Andradóttir, is clearly mental. But in a good way.

The Airwaves Off-Venue Rundown

Go off the grid, go crazy, save your money By R.X. Beckett As big as it is now, and getting bigger each year, Airwaves can still only contain so much. Not every band that applies gets in and tickets do sell out, sometimes two m...


Caterpillarmen like to rock. It’s nice to just get it all out. They enjoy working with fresh ingredients, tree food on the branch…by the root. Their musical style used to be sort of forced. Now they just say fuck all and do...

Grúska Babúska

Grúska Babúska

Grúska Babúska is a four-piece, all female band with an outer space, wonky, electronic, synth, melodic, acoustic and twisted Icelandic fairytale sound. The band was founded in 2010 by Arndís, Harpa and Guðrún Birna, who st...


Out of pure boredom, Hellvar was formed in 2003 in Berlin by singer/guitarist Heiða and guitarist Elvar. They made the album ‘Bat out of Hellvar’ in 2007, which mostly used drum-machines and electric guitars, perfo...



Armed with a treacherously unpronounceable artist name, Hermigervill has been making waves in the Icelandic music scene for quite a while with his unique electronic sound, which works equally well in your living room as it does...

The fancy Iceland Airwaves ’11 app for fancy smartphones

All those of you who do not like to carry around a printed Airwaves festival info plus the city map plus some tourist guide plus your phone plus keys plus whatever you guys are have in your pockets: here is the solution! For t...