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Like Sticking Your Head In Warm Ambient Goo – Harlem Pt. 1

ARNI² Fresh from their blistering set last night (where they apparently played nowt but banging hardcore techno), Árni Grétar and Árni Vector decided to take a different tack this evening by playing a mostly ambient style o...
Art Museum Scene

Reykjavík Grapevine’s Podcast: Airwaves Sunday Edition

Wohoo! It is Sunday! We made it! Almost. Your audio-loving friends, the omniscient Grapevine Airwaves Podcast Team, has been rolling from venue to venue throughout Saturday. We bring you the best bits from the gigantic line-up ...
Fucked Up at Harpa by Simon Zachary Chetrit

The Norðurljós Is Thoroughly Rocked

APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET Several times during their show, someone in the Apparat Organ Quartet told the crowd, “Apparat loves you!” And we all loved them right back. Apparat Organ Quartet are musical bad-asses, but the...


Objectivity On Holiday – Gamli Gaukurinn pt. 2

It’s quite a mammoth task to try and cover every single gig that happens at Airwaves, and slip-ups are going to be pretty much inevitable. And a slip-up is what is responsible for me writing this particular review on a ba...

Rock And Roll Fantasy Camp – Hressó pt. 2

Sure, I've seen this band play a hundred times before in countless dive bars and various shitholes across the United States, but this is the spirit of Rock and Roll and Dimma are living it. Hard and fast.

Wistaria at Hressó by Páll Hilmarsson

An Acceptable Night Out In The Cold – Hressó Pt. 1

Sitting down in a booth at Hressó, like so many times before, I raised an eyebrow as a female led group joyfully played through pop songs on stage, smiling from ear to ear – this didn’t sound at all like what I imagined Sv...
The Balconies at Gamli Gaukurinn by Rúnar Sigurður Sigurjónsson

A Night Filled With Promise – Gamli Gaukurinn pt. 1

Gamli gaukurinn is a bar with a small stage in one corner. It is in no way perfect, but with the addition of Harpa Concert Hall to the Iceland Airwaves list of venues, I do kind of miss going to shows at these seedier little ve...

Colour Me Impressed – Iðnó Part Two

Belgian outfit Girls In Hawaii ran a very tight ship in the packed Iðnó, regularly engaging with the crowd and getting them to swoon from side to side. During their performance, the indie-rock band showed that they had a mul...