Júlía of Oyama, by nickydigital.com

Surf Gaze Tutu Metal

Amsterdam, Sunday, the final night. Passable pub, can’t complain but for the 2k ISK double Jameson. Suggestion: use that money to fix your damn bathroom. Gang Related sported a front line of four with high-strapped electr...
Samaris at Harpa / Iceland Airwaves

Samaris: The White Swan Performance

For many, Iceland Airwaves is about discovering new and exciting bands and being surprised with performances. My Airwaves experience usually consists of randomly wandering around from venue to venue with very little idea of wha...
Kraftwerk at Harpa by Alexander Matukhno

Those Magnificent Men in Their Kraftwerk Machine – Harpa Eldborg

It's been over 40 years since they released their first album, and even the oldest songs haven't aged much. Not many bands can say that about their catalogue, especially in the electronic genre.


Saturday Night Live

SÓLEY At first glance, one would not think Sóley is a very tough person. For her set at Gamla Bíó on Saturday evening, she wore loosely tied pearls, frumpy glasses and her hair tied up in a bun. She looked, frankly, like a ...

A Downer Crowd, Icelandic Bro-Hop And Synth Driven Lolita Fantasies

The evening started quietly at Hressingarskálinn on Saturday evening, not a lot of commotion going on as venue opener Jara took the stage.  Being the first one up, she was obviously dealing with a rather tired and stiff cr...


Going Out With A Bang

There were eight shows of varying quality and styles showcased at Gamli Gaukurinn on the big Saturday night. First up were Skepna, a rock band that just released a self-titled album. I had listened to said album several times a...

A Walk On The Mild Side

Just off Laugavegur behind some tall red doors lies Gamla Bíó, a grand seated theatre with a high balcony circle and a spotlit stage. Despite being in the heart of downtown Reykjavik, it feels like a secret somehow; an atmosp...

The Big Sleep At Harpa Kaldalón

Kira Kira, an experimental noise band fronted by Kristín Björk Kristjánsdóttir, opened up Harpa Kaldalón with a song I imagine is similar to the sound of a dinosaur being born. Kristín is that girl you went to art school...