The Syrian Bubbi – Omar Souleyman brings a new dimension to Iceland Airwaves

-Words by Ragnar Egilsson Aside from the kebab shop muzak and the ominous wailings heard in American action movies whenever the setting is moved outside the U.S., your average Icelander is not likely to have much exposure to Ar...
Rökkurró new

The Return of Rökkurró

Rökkurró formed in 2006, releasing their breakthrough LP “Í Annan Heim” (“In Another World”) in 2010. It was a cult hit, ending the year as the most-streamed album on Icelandic streaming service Gogoy...
Högni Egilsson by Axel Sigurðarson


Högni Egilsson on singing, sailing and the making of Grapevine’s album of 2012, Hjaltalín’s ‘Enter IV’

Lord Pusswhip

Favourite Five: Lord Pusswhip

Þórður Ingi Jónsson, aka Lord Pusswhip, has been making a name for himself recently with his trademark mashing together of heavy beats, skittering samples and mischievous loops. He made the Grapevine news in 2013 when he us...
Andri Snaer Magnuson Airwords

Hearing The Airwords With Andri Snær Magnason

This week, visiting American sound artist Burke Jam spoke with Icelandic writer Andri Snær Magnason, the mind behind Airwords. An accomplished author, director and an interesting personality, Andri’s idea for the Airword...


Favourite Five: Muck

Kallí of Reykjavík noiseniks Muck tells us five bands he won’t be missing at Iceland Airwaves this year. AMFJ I’ve been listening to his 2011 album “Bæn”. There’s something about his groove̷...
Snorri Helgason

Snorri Helgason Calls In From Upstate New York

Snorri Helgason first emerged as frontman of Icelandic pop band Sprengjuhöllin in 2006. When the band went on hiatus in 2009 he went solo, and has since carved out a reputation as one of Iceland's foremost singer-songwriters. ...
Drangar - the logo

Mugison Launches New Band!

Early last week, a bomb was dropped on Iceland. This was not one of those horrible bombs that blow people to smithereens and dismember them and leave a smattering of blood and guts all over the place (while spreading democracy)...