Gísli Pálmi by Skari


Shabazz Palacs (US), THEESatisfaction (US), Gísli Pálmi, Halleluwah, Emmsjé Gauti, Úlfur Úlfur at Þýski barinn/Deutsche Bar on Fimmtudagur

The Good: Gísli Pálmi, Halleluwah, Úlfur Úlfur
The Bad: Gísli Pálmi, Shabazz Palaces
I like to think about what Iceland Airwaves means for Iceland. The first IA marked a turning point for Icelandic festivals Festivals up to that point had largely been concerned with bringing cultural edification to us country b...
Crowd at Faktorý by Simon Steel

Rangling And Raving at Faktorý Upstairs

Fu Kaisha, Skurken, Bix, Quadruplos, Rangleklods, Tanya & Marlon, Futuregrapher at Faktorý Main on Thursday

At times throughout last night at the Faktorý upstairs stage, it felt less so a case of how amazing the artist was, but more which period of Aphex Twin’s career the artist most respected. At other times it felt like a flat o...
Crowd at Amsterdam by Hlynur Hafstein


Oyama, Love & Fog, Gang Related, The Foreign Resort, Noise, Muck at Amsterdam on Thursday

The Good: Competent & straightforward guitar rock in a variety of styles, perfect rock venue, good sound, crowd was into it all night,
The Bad: Some songs fell flat, bands mimicked inspirations a little too much, lyrics & themes repetitive
Hello, Airwaves. Having arrived at the festival a day late thanks to a certain big storm on America’s East Coast, I was treated to an evening of mostly homegrown talent at Amsterdam. Like a lot of Icelandic bands I’ve seen,...

Hanne Kolstø by Siggi

Something Old, Something New: From Country To The Cutting Edge

Ghost Town Jenny, Vigri, Eldar, Eliza Newman, Hanne Kolstø, Biggi Hilmars, Ewert and the Two Dragons at Harpa Kaldalón on Thursday

The Good: Prairie rock, saws, angel voices
The Bad: constellation eyes, idle hands on deck
Ladies and gentleman, come on in. We have quite a spectacle here at Kaldalon this evening. On drums, we have the polar opposite of Keith Moon! This man hits the drums like no other: he's never bruised a skin. He is indisputably...
Doldrums by Iona Sjöfn

Doldrums Steal The Show: Iðnó, Night Two

Contalgen Funeral, Cheek Mountain Thief, Árstíðir, Caterpillarmen, Passwords, Doldrums at Iðnó on Thursday

The Bad: Contalgen Funeral's country, banjo weilding twist on swing music was a disheartening, if not unbearable way to start the evening.
They sing about crack cocaine, coke, being broke and drinking whiskey without an air of satire or wit, any insightful experiences that may inform these songs lost in irritatingly trite lyrics.


Harpa’s Metal Night: Considerable Damage To Structures

The Heavy Experience, Skálmöld, Sólstafir, HAM, Mugison at Harpa Norðurljós on Thursday, 1 November 2012 (All Saint's Day)

The Good: Mugison saved the day.
The Bad: The Swans were buffeted by hurricane winds.
For your review-reading accompaniment: field audio recording of the wind storm currently unleashing holy hell on this wee island nation. From the darkened gates of waning gloom, we were summoned. From the wind-frozen terrorface...

Beats, Rhymes And Life: Faktorý Downstairs

Thizone, Intro Beats, RVK Soundsystem, Oculus at Faktorý Downstairs on 20:50

The Good: Lot's of BASS
The Bad: Some sounds can get repetitive
I don’t do drugs (often), but if I did I would do them while listening to artists like Thizone. Oops, I’ve fallen down a K-hole and I can’t get up! Then again, it’s sort of nice down here… Thizone serves up tracks...
Nova Heart at Gamli Gaukurinn by Siggi

Ups And Downs At Gamli Gaukurinn

Morning After Youth, Leaves, The Echo Vamper, Sudden Weather Change, Nova Heart, Haim at Gamli Gaukurinn on Thursday

The Good: Leaves proving themselves to be stalwarts of the Reykjavik indie scene.
The Bad: The Echo Vamper's stylised performance lacking the sound to back up the look.
There may be gale force winds trying to blow festivalgoers towards the sea tonight, but there's not a lot that the weather can do to dampen spirits. The sky's clear, the northern lights are glowing and there are some seriously ...