Ecology, echology, ecolology

A strong northerly gale pushed against me as I approached the constantly darkening façade of Harpa. Inside, multimedia would meet education in Björk’s Biophilia. All-consuming consumption of 8 (how we ate) Björk’s Biophi...
Rich Aucoin at NASA by Alexander Matukhno

Sunday Night at NASA: The End of it All (for now)

The night starts like this: I am manhandled by the door man (looking for weapons? What the fuck?). I get in and it’s crowded and I’m tired. I fell off my bike earlier and my knee hurts. Basically, sorry to say it,  I am no...
Æla at Amsterdam by Arnar Halldórsson

Night Of The Living Dead

I had the great fortune to have two headlining bands to look forward to tonight, and a few opening acts I’d never heard of and hoped might pleasantly surprise me. The night ended on a much higher note than I expected, and...

Reykjavík! at NASA by Magnús Elvar Jónsson

Why Sunday is the Best Night of Airwaves

Despite the fact that, come the fifth and last day of Airwaves each year, I make my way—kicking and screaming—to my last assignment, by the time it comes to writing the final review, I always feel a bit sentimental for Sunday.
Mammút at Gaukur á Stöng by Ægir Freyr Birgisson

Mannheim Outlingers Do It Waaaay Better!

ORPHIC OXTRA Bob: Yup the Balkan klemzacore of Orphic Oxtra. That first song was rather long wasn’t it? Sindri: Well they have an hour set so they’re taking their time aren’t they? B: Where is that piano though? I can hea...

Legend at Gaukur á Stöng by Iona Sjöfn

Dazed, Derived, Darkness & Dancing

So far I’ve had pretty good luck this Airwaves. Every night I’ve been to has been cohesively programmed and well planned. Having carefully studied the schedule for days and days before the festival, I knew this was an anoma...
Ghostdigital at Faktorý by Hvalreki

Dance Dance Resolution

Saturday was my night to cut a rug. I resolved to do so while drinking… heavily, but responsibly! 20:00 Tonik Understandably, these boys had a tall order to fill – first group of the night, playing to a crowd of about ...
Muck by Hvalreki

Crack Sounds

It is pretty safe to say that Gunslinger is probably the most interesting thing to ever come out of Egilsstaðir. But they might also be the most interesting band in Icelandic hard-core. Their music consists of fantastically ar...