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The Reykjavík Art Museum by Páll Hilmarsson

A Note On Replication And Adaptation

Apparently there has been some controversy — and some misunderstanding — regarding my recent comment about certain Icelandic bands and the music of the African diaspora. I do choose my words carefully, but some people didn&...
by michaelazerrad


Saturday Night Live

SÓLEY At first glance, one would not think Sóley is a very tough person. For her set at Gamla Bíó on Saturday evening, she wore loosely tied pearls, frumpy glasses and her hair tied up in a bun. She looked, frankly, like a ...
by michaelazerrad


Fucked Up at Harpa by Simon Zachary Chetrit

The Norðurljós Is Thoroughly Rocked

APPARAT ORGAN QUARTET Several times during their show, someone in the Apparat Organ Quartet told the crowd, “Apparat loves you!” And we all loved them right back. Apparat Organ Quartet are musical bad-asses, but the...
by michaelazerrad

múm at Fríkirkjan by Siggi

múm And The Ghost In The Machine

The drums play a key role in múm: they can be organic and primordial, they can resemble the clanking, steam-driven machinery of the Industrial Age, and they can recall the Digital Age, with busy, precise and intricate patterns...
by michaelazerrad


Northern Lights by Simon Chetrit

Northern Music, Northern Lights

It's only my second day at Airwaves and already I have some solid advice. Icelanders: do not attempt to replicate the music of the African diaspora, especially reggae and hip-hop. You will fail. Miserably and laughably. Be your...
by michaelazerrad

Mammút by Simon Chetrit

Azerrad’s Report: Wednesday

Noted music writer slash Grapevine's guest of honour Michael Azerrad goes wild at Iceland Airwaves 2013, wandering between venues, listening hard and taking notes. For his Wednesday report, he digs on Mammút and Emiliana, and ...
by michaelazerrad