September 13, 2013



The band Stroff was formed in early 2012 when guitarists Örn Ingi and Árni Thor met regularly to play. Then they got Markús, Harald and Friðrik in on it and all of the sudden they had a new band. Stroff members are not unaccustomed to creating music; they come from a variety of other bands like Seabear, Skátar, Stafrænn Hákon, Náttfari, Bob, Skakkamanage, mug, Sofandi, Markus and the diversion sessions, Stoner Wind, Rif and Nini Wilson. Stroff is known for guitar-rock involving the interaction of multiple electric guitars, distored riffs, and songs that hang on dense rythm and vocals.

October 30, 2013
23:20 Amsterdam

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