September 2, 2013

Ólöf Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds (born 1980) is an Icelandic singer/songwriter and indie musician who has been active in the Icelandic music scene, touring with múm since 2003, and collaborated with numerous other bands and artists. She launched her solo career in 2007 with album ‘Við Og Við,’ which she followed up with her 2010 album ‘Innundir Skinni.’

November 1, 2013
21:40 Gamla Bío

About the Author

This guy is always to be found where funky beats are banging through the speakers as well as where experimental tunes are supplied. Trip-hop, Glitch-Hop, Chillwave etc. is what I like.


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